I am now publishing my own zines. They are photo based and diaristic, dealing with various themes. Enjoy!
Please contact me at brighthonda@gmail.com if you would like to purchase any of my zines. I will mail them to you. Each cost $7, plus shipping is $5. International will cost more. All zines are 11" X 8.5", 24 pgs., laser printed, and stapled.

Issue #16 Blacktop is about the results of fatal highway accidents. This issue was influenced by my sister's experience of being a surviving victim of hit and run incident. Blacktop

Issue #17 MISC. Images Vol. 1 is a collection of images that I took with no reason other than they were beautiful. MISC. Images

Issue #18 El Bosque is a zine are images of showing various forest scenes depicting the psyche symbolism represented in a fairytale. El Bosque

Hot off the presses! Issue #19 Migas de Pan is a companion piece to my previous zine El Bosque, continuing the theme of fairy tales. MIgas de Pan

Still making zines during COVID! Issue #20 Schooled remembering when schools were for learning and recess. Schooled

Issue #21 Closed for Business title pretty much sums it up life during COVID. Closed_for_Business