I am now publishing my own zines. They are photo based and diaristic, dealing with various themes. Enjoy!
Issue #7: From See Through Shiny See, in this issue I decided to lighten up and have fun with the readers. CthruShinyC

Issue #8: MY EX GF's PACE, My latest issue is a documentation of my ex's space. My_Ex_GFs_PACE

Issue #9 Nice to Meet You George, this issue is dedicated to a person named George. Nice_To_Meet_You_George

Issue #10 I Want A President, this issue is a catalog of participants who filled out a questionnaire at an exhibition of the same name. I_Want_for_a_President_sm

Issue #11 Ben-Day Dots is a zine filled with images of Orlando taken during various bus rides. BenDay

Issue #12 Minimalist Landscape is dedicated to my fascination with mountains. Minimalist_Landscape

Questionnaire: What I Seek in a President, 10155042538799866-What_I_Seek_in_a_President_Questionaire2
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